NJ Home Additions

As a NJ Home Additions builder, Pangione Developers Inc offers the most affordable Home Addition packages in New Jersey. Pangione Developers Inc has been building home additions all throughout NJ. We offer home addition packages both in single and multi level styles.

If you are interested in building a Home Addition in New Jersey, hiring a contractor can be a nerve racking endeavor. With Pangione Developers Inc our saying is, “We Make It Easy To Hire Us” and every word of it is true. Our program includes a full contract that is read to you from start to finish before we sign the contract. We also include a “Project Stages” form stating each stage of the project from the estimated start date to the approximate date of completion, all in writing for piece of mind. Home owners are kept completely informed as the job progresses via our site manager, texting and cell phones which are live 24/7. To offer you even more comfort, we can connect you with references of homeowners that have hired us to build home additions just like yours so you can ask them your own questions of interest and perform your due diligence.

nj home additions


NJ Home Additions



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