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NJ Home Additions – What Size Room Is Good For Your Family Tips

NJ Home Additions – What Size Room Is Good For Your Family Tips
Are you ready to build a home addition and if so what size addition are you interested in building? As a NJ Home Addition Contractor, I have built hundreds of home additions for families all over New Jersey. If you are contemplating a home addition, there are a few items that you need to think of before you get your project underway.

If you are short on space, you can increase your square footage of your home by building a home addition. Before getting started, you need to ask yourself, what is the purpose of building a home addition?. Well I found out over the years that there are many reasons homeowners need to expand their homes. Weather expanding your kitchen, adding a new bedroom, family room or evenĀ  adding a new top floor, ultimately, the size of your home addition will depend on the need of your area.

One particularly easy way to help families consider the size of your NJ Home Addition is too figure out what furniture you will be using once the home addition is built. If you build a room that is 18×18 and you plan on putting just a 3’wide couch within the walls then you know that you will have room to move about. However, if you plan on putting a pool table in the center with other such pieces, the room starts to get smaller real quick.

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